Saturday, March 3, 2012

I, Vampire #3

The first morning of the vampire's war. Peace between the vampires and the humans began right around when the Justice League formed. Were the Vampires afraid of a super powered Vampire Slayer popping up? But what intrigues me most is that Coast City is in Mountain Time. What fucking coast is it on?! I'm not even putting my money on the Gulf of Mexico. I bet Coast City is on the coast of the Great Salt Lake and represents Salt Lake City! If that's the case, I never knew that and I want to know more. Also, I thought Coast City had been destroyed?

In this issue, we're introduced to Professor John Troughton. He became a good friend of Andrew Bennett after Bennett saved him from a bunch of hippie vampires in San Francisco in 1979.

Why isn't there any fucking color in this comic book?!

Mary coordinated attacks in the four different cities seen on that first page I posted. Thousands of people were killed and news reports are speculating about terrorists and aliens. They're also calling for the Justice League to investigate. Like the Justice League has time to hunt vampires!

While hunting vampires, John and Andrew encounter a young vampire hunter named Tig. She has been hunting for the vampire that killed her father. I will not quote Inigo Montoya. This is her:

Xeno or Reno? Biggest Little Arrow That Never Reaches Its Target.

Tig gets all vampnotized by Bennett and now she believes he's good. I mean, he is good and now she isn't suspecting he isn't because he made her believe he is good. Wait. Is he good if he hypnotizes people to believe he's good? Maybe he's just a big jerk fucking with everyone's mind! Sheesh. What's the world coming to when you can't trust vampires anymore?

The new gang finds a clue that leads them to Gotham City. I don't need to tell you what the clue was, do I? It rhymes with bat.

On the road, the Professor thinks about the things he's learned about vampires that he didn't learn from Andrew.

I have a feeling Andrew knows these things. Like I said while reading Issue #1, I have a feeling Andrew isn't anywhere near willing to die. Nor is he willing to kill Mary. He's going to continue to think he can bring her around to his way of living. Especially since they seemed to pull it off for a number of years before this war broke out. Or, at least, Andrew thought they were pulling it off. Except Mary was only pretending, wasn't she? She was building her army during that time. And now it's marching on Gotham! Boy, what a dumb army! Batman will kill them all!

Luckily for everyone, Professor John Troughton is willing to kill Andrew if it comes down to that. Although Andrew must still be willing to die, according to the research John did. So he's just hoping that when Andrew sees John turn on him, Andrew will have the sense to know the time has come to give up the sinking ghost ship.

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