Sunday, March 4, 2012

Resurrection Man #4

Oh! I forgot to mention how I really liked how The Transhuman pointed at the ladies at the end of last issue! Just so you'd know it really was Mr. Roth under all of that armor! I hope this Transhuman becomes a recurring character and a friend of Resurrection Man. Please don't kill off this character, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. I hope he beats these ladies' asses! And since he was a super villain, he can kill them if he wants to! And it's a Teen Plus title! So he might even call them bitches while doing it!

The Transhuman quickly gets to work pummeling the ladies whose name is The Body Doubles. One is named Carmen and the other is named Bonnie. I just kept forgetting what their names were and didn't really care because I didn't realize they'd be around for so many issues! The Transhuman is mostly beating up Carmen while Bonnie talks on the phone.

She has webbed titties.

Carmen and the Transhuman take their fight outside of the building and it's hard to tell who's winning. But back in the care center, Resurrection Man is still out of it.

See that green shirt next to his naked body? He's going to do something magic with it two panels hence!

Bonnie is momentarily distracted yelling at the other residents of the facility. After they run away, she turns around to find Resurrection Man back on his feet! And fully clothed having made green pants out of the green shirt and found a white shirt as well!

I think a naked ding dong is too much even for a Teen Plus title!

Mitch subdues Bonnie and finally convinces her that he has no idea who she and Carmen are. She calms down and he agrees to go with The Body Doubles after they stop Carmen from killing the Transhuman. They leap out of the hole in the care center's wall and run off to help Transhuman.

Or maybe he leaps and she falls on her fucking face.

After all of the fun and games, Mitch finds out that Darryl Roth, the Transhuman, is actually only 19 years old. The super suit he created has been draining the life from him and he needs help. So Mitch agrees to bring the Transhuman with him and Body Doubles. But before they can leave, the angel Suriel arrives and gets into a screaming match with Mitch. And since Mitch's screams are currently super powered, the angel doesn't like it and fights back a little too hard.


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