Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deathstroke #3

Why introduce a guy in Deathstroke? Must be a throwaway character.

See?! This happens on Page Three!

Deathstork Deathstroke kills this Legacy guy on page three which means this Legacy guy must be legion. Not a super hero or a futuristic super group! Just a whole mess of guys in purple and green suits named Legacy. Slade comes to the conclusion that Legacy was just an amateur trying to make a name for himself. But Deathstroke's handler or agent or butler Christoph is worried that more and more skilled killers are going to be after Deathstroke. Either for big cash or big rep.

And just to be sure the reader is having a tough time figuring out if Slade is a killer with a conscious or just the best mercenary there is, his first mission is to kill a guy trying to make the world a better place.

Unless the guy really does turn out to be doing evil, wicked, naughty things with those weapons.

Slade drives a snowmobile right into the fortress like grounds of Elmer the philanthropist. And he immediately begins killing dozens of innocent guards. You know, Deathstroke is really trying his hardest not to be likable. Killing his whole team. Starting a gigantic fight on the freeway causing injury and suffering to dozens of people on the way home from work. And now killing a bunch of union security guards that most likely have no skill with any weapon at all. Maybe they can hit a target on a piece of paper at the range. But they have no chance against Slade. So Deathstroke goes about killing them trying to force Elmer to come out. And then Deathstroke runs into another Legacy.

This guy has a passing resemblance to Ambush Bug.

While Deathstroke is fighting Legacy, some other guy never shown on panel is busy killing Elmer. The does call himself no one, though. So he might be the same guy that's over in Batman and Robin. Or he could have really meant he was no one.

Before Slade cuts Legacy's head off, he has to listen to Legacy jabber on about how he's actually the first Legacy and was enhanced since their last tussle. Deathstork Deathstroke brings Legacy's head back as a trophy or maybe just to stop Legacy's head from being enhanced after he finds Elmer has already been killed by someone else. I mean no one else.

The stupid idiot has an Inferiority Complex.

Deathstroke is just a big punk asshole. And this issue lost all of the fun. The problem with writing an evil or amoral character is making him likable. Or at least making him entertaining enough that the reader doesn't care if he's cutting people in half every other panel. But Deathstroke was just violent and boring this issue. That's too bad, Slade! You better pick up the humor next episode!

Oh yeah. I should probably mention. The final pages give Legacy's origin. The parents of Lovetap or whatever the name of the girl in Harmory was have been paying meta-humans to kill Deathstroke because he killed their daughter. They're offering each person 20 million dollars if they succeed. And they'll keep doing it until one of them does. I think the idiots taking this offer are, well, idiots! They should at least be insisting that the parents pay them something up front to take care of their families or their cats when they die. Because they're going to die! Why does everyone think they can kill Slade all of a sudden? What the fuck is in that briefcase! I mean that Laura Palmer!

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