Monday, March 5, 2012

Demon Knights #2

I still don't know who that archer is.

The six newly formed companions (I think I can call them companions now that they're fighting dragons) are, um, fighting dragons like I said in the parenthetical reference. Xanadu uses magic. Al Jabr uses science. Etrigan uses Hellbreath. Savage uses his muscles. Shining Knight uses swordplay. And Exoristos uses metaphor.

She's making an erect penis joke as she removes the head from the phallus.

It seems that Etrigan has been paying attention to my blogs. Instead of being eaten and making the best of the belly exploding technique, Etrigan forces his way into the dragon's mouth so that he can simply explode it's head from the inside. Close enough, Demon.

The next page is just a big splash of blood as Etrigan blows his way out of the dragon's skull.

The six companions finish off the last of the dragons and divide up the Experience Points. The townspeople thank them but give them no reward. While the companions have little idea what just happened, the townsfolk know that the Hordes of Questing Queen are coming through their village. The archer woman confirms it.

And then she turns and heads for the hills! Jerk!

The Horsewoman thinks they should run. The leader of the town thinks they should stay and grovel and sell ale. Vandal, having once been a general in the horde, lets them know exactly what will happen if they stay: death for the adults and forced recruitment for the young. Etrigan, having not received that reward that townsfolk should feel obligated to pay when a quest has been performed for them, picks up Xanadu and flies away. He's got the right idea! Who needs the headache of helping villagers if they don't have any cash? I bet Etrigan ransacked and looted T1 The Village of Hommlet just like every other bored player forced to play it because his Dungeon Master purchased the stupid module.

At least the moat house was exciting. And how many years did I have to wait for The Temple of Elemental Evil proudly advertised on this cover? Stupid Gygax (may he rest in peace!).

Where was I? Oh yeah, Etrigan and Xanadu don't get very far into the sky before they encounter some guys riding on the backs of some pterodactyls .

Besides the flying cavalry, giant mechanical dragons and humongous fireballs head toward the little town as well. With no magic left, Xanadu spills her own blood to erect a shield about the town. The Queen and Mordru sense this and Mordru fires a huge fireball toward the village to destroy everyone before the shield can be erected. And that's the cliffhanger for this issue!

Well, at least that took care of the pterodactyls!

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