Saturday, May 24, 2014

Justice League of America #14

I guess this takes place on an Earth where America formed with twenty three original colonies.

Justice League of America has been the worst incarnation of any Justice League ever. At least that I've read. And I haven't actually read that many. But even if I can't rightly compare it to many past incarnations, basing it on its own merit, it was still awful. Mostly it was terrible because it was just an extension of Trinity War (which went nowhere and merely became a prologue for Forever Evil) and then it took a hiatus during Forever Evil where it told an imaginary adventure starring Stargirl and Martian Manhunter. Way to suck at planning comic books, DC.

I understand that comic book companies like to tie books together so readers feel they need to read the tie-in books and mini-series and other books tied in to those mini-series. But here's a little secret, DC: if you make the characters of a comic book interesting and get the reader emotionally involved with them and their story, they'll want to pick up other books where the characters appear. You don't need to ruin the main book simply because the characters are involved in some other story arc. Justice League of America should have just told stories about the Justice League of America that happened before the Crime Syndicate came to Earth instead of the bullshit story of Stargirl remembering that her parents loved her. Save that shit for the Stargirl mini-series.

I suppose JLA really was just a vehicle to highlight Stargirl anyway. Most of the stories revolved around her and how she was sidelined but she was too perky and eager to remain sidelined so she stepped up to help save the day. And then more of that. And still more of that. With a heaping helping of more of that. And now it looks like the final issue will be about Stargirl!

Stargirl says "literally" too much. And incorrectly. And when it isn't needed. Which it almost always isn't needed.

Apparently Steve Trevor's Justice League of America is being blamed for Earth being invaded by the Crime Syndicate. For some reason. Probably because they tied themselves so closely to the government of the United States and fuck the government of the United States. Amirite?! But mostly nobody gets to know exactly why the Justice League of America is taking responsibility because that shit is classified.

This issue is simply about how everybody went their separate ways. I guess. Whatever. Fuck this comic book! It was never allowed to tell a story! This was simply a place characters went to when they failed elsewhere! Nobody was interested in J'onn on Stormwatch, so he wound up in JLA. Hawkman's comic book was the shit that shit shits out of it, so he wound up on the JLA. Katana had the stink of Ann Nocenti's failure all over her, so she wound up in JLA. Nobody could figure out what the fuck to do with Simon Baz after Johns created him for no good fucking reason, so he wound up in JLA. Green Arrow had the stink of Ann Nocenti's failure all over him, so he wound up in the JLA. Vibe was never interesting ever, so he wound up on the JLA. Catwoman had the stink of Ann Nocenti's failure all over her, so she...oh wait. I already said that. Anyway, the Justice League of America was simply a holding place for characters DC didn't want to disappear from reader's minds. None of the characters (except for maybe Stargirl!) ever had a moment to develop since the plot was mostly about setting up Trinity War. Speaking of Trinity War, it was an idea that got flushed somewhere along the line and replaced by Forever Evil which is why Trinity War wound up in JLA!

"Thank you! Normally I wouldn't go near a brown man in a mask but since you save my child, I guess I'm grateful! And...oh my! Is that a gun in your leotards or are you...oh no. It's a gun. POLICE! HELP!"

Does Simon Baz still carry a gun around with him? That was my favorite thing about him! Fuck trusting some glitchy ring that needs to be shoved in a railroad lantern once per day. At least bullets don't lose power while you're sleeping.

I forgot to mention that Catwoman went back to being Catwoman or something. Anyway, on to what's happening in Green Arrow's life next!

The universe sighs a breath of relief! Green Arrow has been confined to Earth! Um. What?

She said "Arrow" not "Lantern" you idiot! I don't think Steve Trevor properly took care of his head wound after his battle with Grid.

Katana is busy with Outsiders stuff. She'll probably be back when the super hero Outsiders team reforms. I'm sure that'll happen during the Futures End nonsense. Hopefully Halo will turn up around then.

Currently, J'onn is tearing ARGUS Headquarters apart looking for Waller. Which means Waller must have wanted ARGUS's headquarters torn apart by J'onn since she knew he'd eventually get to her anyway. She must be up to something! It looks like ARGUS (and thus the JLA by association) were blamed for the whole Crime Syndicate Invasion thing and Waller once again wound up as the scapegoat. That's probably why she wanted the place destroyed. Just tear the whole fucking thing down and slink away unnoticed.

Stargirl is learning about her ex-teammates because she still wants to put a team together. But Trevor tells her how the government crippled him and that she should think outside of the box. So a light bulb appears over her head and she whispers, "Canada!" Because their government is powerless! Ha ha! Man, it must be nice to live in a country with no desire for power! Since all politicians are corrupt, it would be nice to have politicians that kept their corruption within their own borders! I think growing up in the cold causes you to develop an insulated outlook on the world!

J'onn finally catches up with Courtney and they agree to begin a new team which has already begun in Justice League United because this comic book was so fucking late.

Justice League of America #14 Rating: Good riddance. Hey DC? Can you stop publishing comic books just to take them out at the knees and keep them from going anywhere, leaving them to bleed out, helpless and struggling and pleading for their lives? Can you? No? Enh, fuck you anyway.

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