Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doop #2

Remember when Faster Shadowcat sang about internet dating in the days before the internet?

Last issue, Doop was rejected by Kitty Pryde. She tried to let him down easy and tell him that it wouldn't work because he couldn't speak English. But that backfired in her face because Doop reconfigured himself so he could speak English. Now, judging by this cover, she's going to have to kill him.

Can Doop be killed?

Kitty follows Doop into Doopspace where she continues to tell him that they aren't going to hit it off. Especially when Doop takes her to eat at a place called Chateau du Armpit Hair. What is Doop's obsession with armpits? Is it because of that joke about the guy on the bus asking the woman holding the handrail how she got her leg way up there?

Doop also takes Kitty to watch a blank movie screen at the Cinema of Emptiness. Then they go dancing and then out for a little target practice at the Sentinel Shooting Range. And finally, he shows Kitty some of the home movies he's been filming across time.

Hey DC Comics? Are you listening to Doop here? He has some important advice!

Doop finally removes Kitty from Doopspace so she can get back to her time travel problems in the real world. Doop wants her to say "fuck it" to time travel paradoxes and let Jean and Scott remain in the future. But Kitty's having a tough time dealing with Marvel's slacker attitude on time travel and its consequences. It's like they believe that a fictional world shouldn't suffer any consequences from time travel! The nerve of them!

But Doop's talk with Kitty seems to change her stance on the whole issue of sending Jean and Scott back. Or something. It gets a little confusing. Especially when Doop takes a trip to the future to check in on future Kitty Pryde that turns out not to be future Kitty Pryde but some kind of Mystique/Nightcrawler/Wolverine/Punisher mash-up.

Can Doop be killed?

I'm already thoroughly confused!

I thought I could follow this decently enough without reading a bunch of the other X-men comic books but I may have been wrong! Even though I like Milligan and Doop, I might have to drop this book if I continue to feel confused after a few more issues.

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