Friday, May 16, 2014

Batman Eternal #6

The "eternal" part of this cover is beginning to feel like a threat.

Who decided weekly comic books were a good idea? I hope that person is dead now!

This issue begins with Batwing battling Gentleman Ghost which starts it off on two wrong feet. First foot, I don't need more Batwing in my comic books. Second foot, Gentleman Ghost reminds me how fucking awful the Reboot Hawkman was. Too bad Fleshpoint caused me to forgot who wrote and drew that comic book or else I'd lament that time travel isn't possible causing me to be unable to go back in time and cockblock the writer's grandfather.

Batman only believes crazy things because he understands that real world logic is illogical if you live in a comic book. That's why Mister Terrific was cancelled. Because he thought being an atheist in the DC Universe made sense. Dumb dumb!

Meanwhile The Spectre's boy toy, Jim Corrigan, pays Bruce Wayne a visit. Strange hoodoo is going down in Gotham City and The Spectre just wanted Batman to know about it. Batman is busy worrying about Falcone trying to bang his city, so he doesn't have time to deal with mystical nonsense. He tells Jim to keep him in the loop on whatever he finds and hires out Batwing to run around as his sidekick. That's me assuming there! Since Batwing was in the beginning pages completely bewildered by the supernatural, and since Batman has offered some Batfamily help to Jim, it makes sense that Batwing will become The Spectre's sidekick for a bit.

Meanwhile under Arkham Asylum, The Joker's Daughter is busy chopping off the left arm of anybody that has a dark dream about her Gotham Underground home covered in black hand prints. She's trying to "bring the man back" through this odd ritual. It's a good thing The Joker's Daughter is appearing now! She can benefit from Fleshpoint because I can't remember how horribly she was written in her previous appearances! Now I'm not biased against her and her horrible dialogue and awful portrayal and nonsensical reasons for existing! Instead, she's just a crazy woman wearing The Joker's cut off face and doing insane things to try to bring somebody back! Possibly The Joker but more probably this Deacon Blackfire that's kind of been mentioned here and there. You know! The person that lit up Doctor Phosphorous. And it's that ritual that Corrigan has sensed and is going to investigate with Batwing.

Even though Batwing and The Joker's Daughter are involved, I'm starting to get interested in Batman Eternal!

Meanwhile, Alfred Pennyworth cleans mirrors in the Batmansion and Batman chases down a truck that gets blown up by Doctor Phosphorous. So that's kind of normal stuff for Gotham City.

Batman Eternal #6 Rating: +2 Ranking. So six issues in, here's what we've got: mystical hoodoo voodoo under Arkham, a gangwar between Falcone and The Penguin, Commissioner Gordon framed by some mysterious subway rider, Cluemaster and his gang planning something huge, runaway nanobots that seem to involve a half-mechanical monkey, and Professor Pyg still trying to molest children. It looks like this weekly thing is going to get pretty crazy! I think I might be up for that. Especially the mystic stuff! And remember, Catwoman is going to be taking over everything at some point!

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