Monday, January 28, 2013

In Which I Compile The New 52 Continuity Errors

In order to finally edit my commentaries on Blogspot, I'm rereading them all from the beginning. While doing this, I may notice some places where DC fucked up. I'll update this list as I find them.

#1. Justice League #2: Green Lantern mentions to The Flash that the first time they were seen in public, they saved Central City from a talking gorilla. Now there are multiple talking gorillas in DC, so this Continuity Error can be explained away easily enough. But since everyone knows Green Lantern was talking about Grodd, this couldn't have happened since The Flash doesn't first encounter Grodd for another five years. Unless, due to The Flash's speed power being connected to time and not velocity, Grodd gets sent back in time at the end of the current Flash storyline! Now that would actually end up being a pretty awesome save.

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