Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Threshold #1

Caul has yellow skin. Were yellow skinned aliens unrecruitable back when the Power Ring had the color yellow defect?

I don't see a yellow Green Lantern in the 1985 Who's Who entry on the Corps. Although the cover shows a bunch of Green Lantern's being defeated by Golden Glider's blonde hair. Worst cosmic guardians ever.

Let's talk about Threshold. Excuse me. Let me monologue about Threshold while you skim this part looking for the main plot points and juicy details and then completely ignore the comment section at the bottom of this post. I was pleased to hear that a science fiction based comic was DC's next attempt at the anthology war book. Keith Giffen writing is just a bonus. I expect it to be funny. I expect it to piss off the creator of Captain Carrot (with good reason, probably. Fucking monolithic comic book entertainment corporations!). I expect Blue Beetle to guest star if he isn't too busy joining the Teen Titans. I probably expect too much. Maybe I should just read it.

For those people that aren't forcing themselves to purchase every single DC Comic Book with "The New 52" on the cover so they didn't bother picking up the New Guardians Annual, here's a synopsis of the game show, The Hunted:

Who is this lovely lady alien? Or male alien. Perhaps hermaphroditic alien.

The issue begins with Jediah Caul, renegade Green Lantern, wandering through a crowded section of Tolerance when the go ahead to begin trying to murder him flashes up on a giant screen directly behind him. Everybody pulls out their lasers and begins hunting. Since his Green Lantern Ring has been locked down by some fascist device, he'll probably be killed in a few pages. Unless Stealth can come to his rescue!

Who's Stealth? I don't know but she's on the cover!

This person with the awkward spread eagle double kick attack is Ember. She's annoying.

Ember leads Jediah to the sewers where they can hide. She's apparently one of The Hunted that's been on the run for awhile using the Disguise Tech to remain safe. She and some other Hunted have organized and have safe zones they call Blind Points where the "smart dust" used for transmitting live feeds has been cleared away. She was trying to recruit the ex-Green Lantern to their cause but he ditches her once she saves him to go pout.

Meanwhile, Stealth is establishing her identity with Ric Starr, Space Ranger!

We'll learn more about Ric Starr in my next Who's Who entry!

Both Ric Starr and Stealth are being Hunted. With Stealth having been listed as M.I.A., it looks like both her and the Space Ranger are prisoners of war against Lady Styx. And by prisoners I mean contestants. And there are a lot of contestants currently playing the game!

These citizens are horrible at The Hunted. I thought Crimson Thrust were supposed to be amazing at this show.

Ric Starr lets Stealth know about the organized contestants and tries to bring her to their side as well. But she just wants to know how he found her. Ric tells her he didn't find her.

Oh, there they are! Go Crimson Thrust! What kind of name is that? I think it's slang on the level of Dirty Sanchez or Angry Dragon.

The parts of this issue featuring Caul were a bit flat. I think the scenes were meant to be carried by Ember and her perky, sassy attitude but I found her annoying in that "Giffen is off his mark on his banter" kind of way. But I liked the scenes with Stealth and Ric Starr. So I'm a little bit above neutral on this comic right now. I'd definitely pick up Issue #2 but I'd still be weighing whether it would make the pull list. You know, if I wasn't forced to buy it due to my obsessive blogging.

Based on only the second page of the Larfleeze back-up story, I want a full sized Larfleeze comic book.

There's a lot of fun stuff here but I think my favorite bit is Metron's chair. Or maybe Sayd's corpse? The Tardis? Mjolnir?

Larfleeze is writing a book about himself when he learns of another Orange Lantern and flies off in a rage, leaving his Orange Power Battery behind. He soon learns the report was a hoax and returns to Okaara.

Only to find he's been completely cleaned out. All of his awesome shit is gone.

Threshold #1 Rating: I'll arbitrarily begin this comic book at Rank #26. So there.

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  1. This one looks pretty solid so far,especially the Space Ranger inclusion. I'm glad Giffin's including and going to be including a lot of forgotten/unused space characters from the Silver Age. Outside of Giffin, not a lot of writers would, unless they have a particular favorite. The Captain Carrot revison's going to be interesting considering this is the same guy who created Rocket Raccoon and Ambush Bug. I expect the same level of zaniness w/the captain as well.

    And yes, Larfleeze is one of the few new characters that could easily support his own ongoing series. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet, and then I'm reminded of the current clusterfuck that is DC, and it's probably a blessing.