Saturday, January 12, 2013


Part 4 of an at least 52 part series of Who’s Who entries of New 52 characters (but probably a whole lot more what with cancellations and all).

"Little is known of the early life of the man called Cain before he became caretaker of the so-called House of Mystery [And what about after John Constantine became Caretaker? Where is Cain now? Was he also the first vampire that created Andrew Bennett? Is he the spirit behind the Unknown Soldier?], and thus it has been speculated that he and his brother, Abel, caretaker of the House of Secrets [A much better house, in my opinion.] (see Abel), are in fact the reincarnated manifestations of the biblical Cain and Abel, the first murderer and his victim.

"What is known is that Cain is a consummate storyteller who takes particular delight in tales designed to terrify his audience [So that explains why the House of Mystery seemed more like the House of Horror over in Justice League Dark. Maybe.].

Unlike the House of Secrets, which stands directly across the cemetery from it, nothing is known of the origins of the House of Mystery [Because it's a mystery! The origin of the House of Secrets is known but nobody is telling. Shh! It's a secret!]. It is a large old rambling house of indeterminate architecture that has, on occasion, seemed to possess a life of its own. Rooms come and go in the House of Mystery [Speaking of Michelangelo, I presume.], and no room ever appears to be quite the same any two times one looks at it."

Powers & Weapons

"Cain possesses no true powers save for a slight malicious streak [I guess he wasn't killing his brother every time they'd have tea yet. That must have begun in Sandman. Otherwise "slight malicious streak" seems a bit understated.], a diabolical sense of humor [He tells racist jokes about devils and demons.], and an unnatural gift for storytelling [I guess it's so good it's scary?]. A sub-par hand-to-hand combatant [When an entry tells me the character's occupation is "caretaker", I'm not usually curious how good he is at physical combat. Although if he is the first murderer, at least you know he can swing a hoe like a thug.], Cain prefers to rely on his wits when confronted with physical violence [He also relies on the Mark of Cain on his forehead that curses anyone that tries to harm him.]."

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