Monday, May 1, 2017

Odyssey of the Amazons #4

This reminds me: I need to play the next game in my Norse Bloodbowl league!

My Norse Team are called the Fjordic Bee-Orcs. They currently have a 2-0 record. Mostly because they've been lucky enough to make all of their armor roles to remain uninjured. I somehow have a full team after two games. That's insane since pretty much all of them have a 7 armor. And the ones that don't have a 7 armor mostly have a 6 armor due to all of the skull fractures the team has suffered.

The Review!
The Amazons all died last issue so they wake up in Valhalla this issue. Odin decides to see how well they fight so they enter the arena to battle a bunch of viking warriors. While they battle gloriously, the spectators say things like "I wonder how tight their vaginas are?" and "Do you think I can fuck them all?" and "I would like to sheath my sword in her scabbard and that is not a euphemism at all. She just has a really nice scabbard!" In other words, they're a bunch of pigs who don't take the Amazons seriously because they're women, even if they can kick every male ass in Valhalla. That's the problem with the male gaze. It just doesn't have any respect at all! Even when it's getting its ass beat!

Meanwhile, the Jotun-Amazon hybrids are coming along nicely. Remember that they're being created by sorcery and not rape! You wouldn't want to make the mistake of thinking that there was rape in this story! It's not even metaphorical rape! It's just plain sorcery so get your head out of the gutter!

The issue ends with Hessia learning that all women all over the world are related because they all drank from a magic tea cup. But they're all still stuck in Valhalla awaiting Ragnarok. Which I guess is coming soon thanks to the Jotun-Amazon hybrids and their magic afterbirth?

The Ranking!
No change. Four issues down and I'm not sure I've been entertained by this comic book once. Although my male gaze has gotten its rocks off about a dozen times!

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