Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathstroke the Terminator #19

None of this story actually takes place in Moscow.

Cheshire and her Sisterhood manage to steal a bunch of nuclear warheads from Russia because Russia doesn't know how to secure anything with the fall of the Soviet Union. People are less into security and spying and more into Levi's jeans and Hershey's chocolates.

I'm a bit confused by the story because I've been taking long gaps between issues and I haven't been paying particularly good attention to the story when I do read it. So Slade is working for something called the Company and Cheshire is working for herself although she's stolen all of her ideas from The Brain, and Roy Harper is working for Checkmate while they're all pretending to work together. Roy's plan to bring in Checkmate screws up Slade's plan to make sure the warheads are deactivated which means Cheshire's plan works by default. I think. Like I said, not paying close attention.

The upshot of all the "Mayhem in the Taymyr Peninsula" is that Cheshire winds up with four or five live nuclear warheads with which to threaten the world. And to prove her threat has teeth, she nukes Qurac. That might seem like a horrible thing to do but remember: no innocent people live in Qurac! They're all terrorists! Every single one of them. So the only people Cheshire has actually hurt are the writers at DC Comics who no longer have an evil fake country for all of their terrorists to be from so that politics don't interfere with the DC Universe. Now they're going to have to get their Middle Eastern terrorists from real countries like Terrorstan and Villainystan and Israel.

That was supposed to be some kind of joke but it's really just an example of how hard it's going to be for the DC Universe to remain non-political without Qurac! I couldn't even make a joke without sounding completely ignorant and racist! And I'm usually pretty good at making racist and ignorant jokes not seem to be those things!

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