Saturday, May 6, 2017

Doom Patrol #6

And here's your starting lineup for the 2017 Doom Patrol!

The Review!
No change. This issue ends the first story arc by cementing the newest incarnation of the Doom Patrol. It's got everybody's old favorites like Cliff and Larry. It's got some sort of old favorites like Flex and Danny and Jane. And it's got some new favorites like Casey and the other ones whose names I can't remember. I'm sure eventually I'll remember them as well as I remember Dorothy and Rita who aren't fucking on the team. At least not yet! There had better fucking be plans for them, Gerard! Also that trans character whose name I can't remember and the bandage people whose names I also can't remember. You might be starting to realize I have a problem remembering names.

Also, this issue didn't have a Niles Caulder intermission! WHAT?! I know!

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