Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathstroke the Terminator #12

Alan Grant must have needed some quick cash because he definitely wasn't interested in writing a Deathstroke comic book. Maybe that's unfair to Alan Grant. It's more probable (and almost certainly what happened) that Marv Wolfman and Steve Erwin were running late on the second half of the Deathstroke is jailed by Superman story arc and Grant was tapped for this filler issue.

This issue is about a bunch of people who know Slade telling stories about him. All the stories are pretty much the same. Slade killed some people for money. Slade took his boots off and laid them in an alley to pretend he was lying their dead so he could kill the people who came to laugh at him dying. Slade gets away because he's the best there's ever been. During the stories, everybody points out what a great guy Slade can be when he's not killing people or fucking underage females.

If it wouldn't put a whole in my collection of crap Deathstroke comic books, I would have...no, no. There was never any danger of me doing anything destructive to this book. I'm going to gingerly slide it back in the mylar now.

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