Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cerebus in Hell? #4

I thought the last time I reread Cerebus, it would be the actual last time. But I think I need to reread it.

Don't miss the stunning conclusion of Cerebus In Hell? by not buying this issue! You think I'm going to reveal the super twist ending here? That's crazy! But I will scan a bit I really like so you can read it and think, "Wow! I might actually enjoy some of this stuff Dave Sim writes if I wasn't too scared to read Dave Sim's work and have people judge me for liking him because they think he's gross and problematic! I sure wish I were in control of my own life! But what can you do? If you want your peers to not despise you and constantly try to ruin your life for no reason at all except their own inferiority complexes and low self-esteems, you just have to never do anything for which they might judge you harshly!"

Abandon all hope, ye who read this!

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