Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathstroke the Terminator #18

Why would Deathstork change his entire outfit and still keep the crazy boots?

In this issue, we learn that a schism has appeared in the Brotherhood. On one side of the schism are the men led by Brain and his monkey lover. On the other side of the schism are the women led by Cheshire and her one-eyed lover. I mean, they aren't lovers until the end. Which is super awkward because they're about to kiss (and maybe more than kiss! You know! The next part which is totally hot and sexy! Right?) right in front of Speedy! They must have had a baby together by now, right? I can't keep the timeline straight.

Is "keeping the timeline straight" a heteronormative turn of phrase? Sorry!

Since Cheshire resurrected Slade and gave him back his powers which were taken away from him by editor Jon Peterson (I'm assuming, since he fucked up everything else about the Titans too), Slade agrees to help Cheshire out with a mission to Moscow to steal a bunch of nuclear weapons. I think they're the same nukes Vandal Savage tried to steal in The New 52 Superman comic!

Anyway, Deathstork is back to his old self. His Jon Peterson self needed to be killed to get back to his old pervy, pedophile Marv Wolfman version. Yay!

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