Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathstroke the Terminator #13

This cover is confusing. If Slade is battling the Justice League, why not put them on the cover instead of some misshapen monstrosity with a ridiculous name? Oh wait! I know the answer! Because it was the 90s!

Hemp and his gang appear for three pages. I can't tell if this was a serious attempt by Marv Wolfman to get a WildC.A.T.sesque team off the ground or he was just mocking what he saw developing at Marvel which would turn into Image. This issue shares the same cover date as WildC.A.T.s #1 which continues to not make my mocking theory definitive. But why choose the name "Hemp"?

You know what? I don't know enough about any of the non-DC Comics that were happening in the early 90s but I think I know enough to claim Hemp and his gang were parodies of the current trend in comics at the time. I just Wolfman would have really put everything he had into mocking the style. I guess in the early 90s, he thought it was only worth mocking for a few pages to show Deathstroke kick the trend in the teeth. Too bad Wolfman didn't realize how many comic book fans were going to be fooled by it!

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