Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mother Panic #6

Mother Panic looks like the goalie for the Gotham Blades.

The Review!
In this issue, Violet discovers that Ratcatcher has taken up residence in the basement of her hotel home. She doesn't mind because his rats eat the face of the Pretty Pauper to save her mother's life. So now the Ratcatcher gets to be a heroic sidekick for Mother Panic. Although how is she ever going to sneak up on a criminal again with all of those rats in the house? Her costume will definitely smell like rat piss.

Nothing else happens this issue! There are a few reminders that this story is about pretentious artists, just in case you forgot. The comic book didn't forget. It's all, "This story is about art! But good art! The kind of art that, if you get enough people to praise it, will be considered great art! Not that other art that is pretentious and lame and unhip and doesn't make any money at all. That's the kind of art that Mother Panic fights against!" That's pretty much exactly what this comic book said.

The backup story is another one of those boring stories where a demagogue convinces the people of a DC city that superheroes are terrible. I've read that story about five bertwillion times! Enough already!

The Ranking!
No change! The art by Shawn Crystal makes this comic book worth reading.

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