Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Deathstroke the Terminator #20

Deathstork diving away from a nuclear blast? This is a parody comic book, right?

Cheshire nuked the capital of Qurac last issue so she might have the biggest kill count of any Earth-based DC Villain. I'm sure a few aliens, like Lobo, have destroyed many planets worth of people. But has any other non-alien or non-alien-cyborg-Kryptonian destroyed an entire city before? Hmm, probably. That seems like exactly the kind of thing writers have villains do to show just how vilainous they are.

This issue, Cheshire's base is destroyed and her army is defeated by Checkmate. They recover the last two nuclear warheads she was threatening the world with. But in the battle, Cheshire escapes. Which means she'll never have to face any kind of justice for this, right?

In comic books, it seems as if a super villain who escapes at the end of a story is rarely pursued. The heroes and government officials just shrug their shoulders and remind everybody to keep a look out for that gosh darned super villain! What's really strange is isn't this the kind of thing Deathstork gets paid for? Shouldn't he be hunting down these super villains who escape at the end of a story? You would think the heroes would still want to apprehend them as soon as possible instead of waiting around until the villain attacks again. Shouldn't somebody be paying Deathstork to take these people down? It'll be all kinds of embarrassing if the story in Deathstork #21 isn't about Deathstork hunting down and capturing Cheshire.

Judging by the cover of issue #21, I think next issue Slade is going to hunt down Vigilante so he can get a little lovin'.

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