Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bombshells #9

Bah! Misogynist propaganda!

Rating: No change.

This comic book isn't as sexy as the cover might have caused you to think it was. Huge manga wink!

Supergirl and Stargirlikov looked super cute in the last section of story. I was all, "This book is kind of entertaining but something is really missing!" And then the last few pages happened and the characters were super cute and I was all, "Oh yeah! That's what was missing! My boner!"

Some people probably review this comic book and point out its feminist qualities but let's face it! The real selling point is cute women wearing barely any clothes! Isn't it great how the male slash lesbian gaze can debase anything!?

I know, I know! I should approach comic books more seriously! How dare I make immature jokes about comic books! This shit is serious shit and shit! So I'm going to stop being an ass and present my favorite part of the story!

"Hey seal, smell my finger!"

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