Friday, February 5, 2016

Batgirl #48

Great. Grump Canary is back.

Rating: No change.

Dear Diary,
I am such an idiot! I'm not talking about my loss of memories or, even while amidst this memory problem, believing my memories over my friends when it came to trusting my "best friend from summer camp" Greg, or stealing Tess's "Grump Canary" nickname by calling Black Canary a "world famous grump! I'm talking about getting Luke to put on more clothes in a wager I won! Why didn't the wager involve getting naked?! God I'm horny!

Luckily this Fugue guy has only been sleep-creeping into my room at night to steal my memories and make new ones. I think. Oh god! What if he stole my memories of all the hot sex I've had over the years?! Maybe I'm not as virginal and pure as I thought! I mean, I wouldn't be angry if I was really a total slut. I'd be angry that I didn't have any memories of being a total slut! That would be Grade-A flick material!

Can you believe this guy calls himself "Fugue", Diary? If I were him, I would have called myself Fermata! Or Doctor Absent-Minded! Or Mister Sleep-creep!

Fugue has really messed with my self-esteem too! Why is he coming into my bedroom at night and stealing my memories when he could be touching the cutest butt in Gotham?! Not that I want him to! Gross! But, you know, it would be nice to know I was so hot lying their in my sexy Bat-Pajamas that he couldn't help staining the inside of his Fugue costume.

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