Monday, February 29, 2016

Deathstroke #15

I don't recall the Morlocks having S's painted on their chests.

Rating: -1 Ranking.

It's as if DC Comics knows all of Deathstroke's fans are imbeciles who will buy any piece of shit story with which he's associated. But they also know Deathstroke's fans who will put up with infinite levels of shit writing are a limited resource so guess who shows up at the end of this book to pull in more idiotic fans? Red Hood! They already milked the Harley Quinn fans (guest starring in two different stories in the first year!) so they've probably learned lesson.

If I had any indication that this comic book wasn't taking itself as seriously as I'm pretty fucking sure it's taking itself, the reveal of Lawman would have been on my top hilarious moments list of whatever year this is. I suppose intent doesn't really matter, right? It was still hilarious! Holy shit, Lawman is a character in the wrong decade! And what's with his kidnapping of Rose Wilson who doesn't give a shit about her father (although she might now that a new writer is on the book. Deathstroke's continuity doesn't usually survive changes in the writer)? I suppose it really only matters how many shits Slade gives for Rose. But that's also been shown to be practically zero no matter how many times Tony S. Daniel wrote captions where Deathstroke was all, "I love my children Tulip and the boy, um, what's his name?"

Most of this issue is Deathstroke and Mercy dealing with a bunch of Bizarros by technobabbling up a solution. It might have been a successful moment for people who are sexually aroused by Bizarros without shirts but otherwise it may as well have been cut from the story. Although then the book wouldn't have a plot or any reason for non-Deathstroke fans to buy it. Every issue's cover should just be a picture of the guest star with a black background because every issue is just about showcasing another DC character simply so somebody will buy the issue. Next issue's cover is bound to be Red Hood standing over an unconscious Deathstroke so that all of the Red Hood fans will drop their boners and pick up next month's issue.

P.S. The art was not good.

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