Monday, February 29, 2016

Superman Loves Wonder Woman #26

I guess these twins are named Sandals, Left and Right?

Rating: No change.

This comic book will probably never be worth reading until Eddie Berganza is fired. I suppose that will never happen because nobody ever seems to lose their job in comic books. They're only ever driven away from the mainstream comic books because of shit people like Eddie Berganza. And since shit people are the only ones to stick around, they hire all of their shit friends who don't know that they're all a bunch of shit.

Just to be clear, I'm not calling the current creative team on Superman Loves Wonder Woman shit. These are people I know can do a good job if left to do their own thing. But when they caught up in Eddie Berganza's Shit Hurricane of Suck, what are they going to do? I suppose they're just going to finish writing this shit story and hopefully they'll get a chance to write something that isn't tied into all of these stupid ideas the shit editors of the Superman books keep coming up with.

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