Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bitch Planet #6

Meiko's father's name means "truth" and her mother's name means "dream". Discuss!

I don't know what Meiko's name or her sister Mirai's name mean because I don't know all of the Japanese words! I know Makoto because that was Sailor Jupiter's name and I know everything about the Sailor Scouts including their blood types. And I know yume because I love dreams and dreaming and dreaming about dreams. I love dreams so much that there's that flashback scene in the Cowboy Bebop movie (I think it was the movie and not one of the shows (wait, was there a movie?! Um, anyway)) where whats-his-name remembers somebody dying or passing out in the rain or something? The dying character speaks but you don't hear what the character says. As I watched that scene, I actually read the cartoon character's lips and said to the Non-Certified Spouse, "He said dream! Yume!" Later in the show, the scene is replayed and that's what was said. I'd like to continue patting myself on the back for reading a cartoon character's lips (even though I really only could have guessed "yume", "risu", or "shiri") but I think I should probably point out that that was some spot on fucking animation!

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