Monday, February 29, 2016

The Flash #49

Who was shitting themselves on the original version of this cover?

Rating: -1 Ranking.

Enough, DC. Just fucking enough with everybody being suspicious of heroes. You've got this sick obsession with trying to bring in real world problems and suspicions into what is a complete fantasy setting. Readers will willingly believe that people trust the heroes simply because they're heroes. It's way more believable than everybody blaming the heroes for disasters that obviously weren't caused by the heroes but some asshole reporter like Iris or Lois had to question because they had Pulitzers in their eyes.

Vendettia and Jensen, you guys realize what you're asking the reader to believe, right? Everybody trusts known criminals and violent thugs more than they trust the city's greatest hero who has never done anything but save the city time and time again. Okay, he's also spent a few years battling various evil versions of himself so that the timeline wouldn't get know what? I don't want to remember that bullshit. I'm forgetting those awful stories right now. I'm also not willing to keep reading superhero comic books where the hero has become demonized by the populace, government, and media. So get this shit straightened out by Issue #50 or I'm done with this crap.

That probably isn't much of a threat because when my attention is turned toward The Flash comic book, I'm usually saying really awful things about it. DC would probably rather I just dropped this book altogether. You know, in a fantasy world where DC Comics even knows I exist or I had any kind of power at all to get people to stop reading stupid fucking books.

On the plus side, I didn't have to look at Brett Booth art. Not that the art in this issue did anything for me. But at least I didn't see one character whose legs were five times longer than their torso.

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