Friday, February 5, 2016

Swamp Thing #2

Why does Swamp Thing have to make his root system look so much like intestines cascading out of his abdomen?

Rating: No change.

It's hard to judge how much I really like old school comic books and this is as old school as a modern comic book gets. They're doing something different than what's expected from modern comic books. You know, things like character growth and intricate plots and modern moral dilemmas and costumes that look drawn on (you know what I mean). But old comic books were less concerned with any of that horseshit. They just presented a tale that would excite the kiddies and the adults who never bothered to mature (in both good and bad ways!). The character development of the Swamp Thing amounted to transformation from man to muck-covered monster. That was the lure! He's a plant monster from the swamp! Weird! And the plots simply had to be twisted and strange and probably a little bit gory. Did anything happen besides the Swamp Thing battling a zombie and talking with a guest star? No? Well good! That's all that was needed! Take my dime! But now? I don't know how I feel about it now. I feel...unsatisfied. Even the big surprise shocking twist ending written awkwardly so that the final panel will be the super surprise guest appearance uttering his name wasn't enough to sate my need for comic book adventure!

It's a cool retro version of the Swamp Thing but there's also a reason I'm not out hunting for back issues of the Swamp Thing. I need a little more meat on my talking plant stories.

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