Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Batman and Robin Eternal #18

This fight is still going on? It's been going on for eighteen issues!

Rating: No change. Next issue will be better because the girls of St. Hadrians School For Hot and Horny Spy Girls have gone off the deep end.

And the revelation is finally revealed long after everybody already guessed the revelation! Harper Row was supposed to be Batman's greatest ever sidekick! And Batman knew about it. No wonder he kept shining her off whenever she tried to be his partner. Because he didn't want Mother's plan for Harper to come to fruition. He thought he was protecting her from a destiny that she wasn't meant to have! Except she was destined to have that destiny because it became destined! Or whatever.

So now that Harper knows her new best friend Casserole murdered her mother, what will she do next? I bet she asks Cassie to finish the job and kill her father too! Then maybe they'll kiss for nineteen pages.

It's almost time for Bruce Wayne to get back in the bat costume and put an end to these teenagers running around playing grown-up! Then he'll be all, "Look! You're all Robin! Chill out and shit! Also I'm a changed man! All that time fucking Julie Madison made me a better person! I promise you all more hugs! Let's do this shit!"

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