Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Titans Hunt #5

Stop trying to make me look at Dick's crotch, DC!

Rating: No change.

This story is a mystery about a mystery! The mystery is what the mystery is! It's basically the Titans running around going "Something weird is going on but we know nothing about anything but we do know something weird is going on and we're going to maybe try to figure that out maybe? No? Yes?" While they go around not knowing anything about the mystery that is mysterious, they begin to meet up with each other. It seems they once knew each other and had a team together and went on "adventures" but something happened to make those adventures nonexistent. I won't say what that event was that erased those adventures because I don't want to summon assholes who still type things like "Nu-52" or "I would eat out my own asshole if I were flexible enough and fuck DC Comics!"

In essence, the mystery is why did DC erase the history of the Titans in the first place? Some people think that was a mistake because they loved the characters and hate Lobdell's version of them. But those people are probably forgetting how awful Marv Wolfman's version of the Teen Titans truly was. I guess it's kind of a serviceable comic book for a company that really didn't know what it was doing in the early to mid eighties. But it doesn't hold up well enough to be re-remembered! Which I guess is why the Titans are remembering adventures that are even older than those adventures! Adventures in a time where they could actually battle a guy named Mister Twister and nobody's eyes would roll out of their head.

I once believed I enjoyed Marv Wolfman's Titans from the eighties. I should have kept that false memory alive and never gone back to reread that series! Although maybe it gets better after Issue #54, right? It must get better because I kept reading and buying it for another five years! Along with the Team Titans and Deathstork books!

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