Sunday, February 7, 2016

Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1

Remember how this book came out eons ago?!

So I'm finally reading this comic book long after everybody has forgotten about its solicits. I say "solicits" because, really, how many people actually purchased and read this comic book? How many just read the solicits and then judged it by those? How many arrogantly believed they knew everything about the book by reading a shitty synopsis that probably wasn't even very accurate?

I didn't read the solicits but I have to admit that it was probably pretty accurate. It's not like this comic book breaks any new ground or anything. It's got Batman but he's different and Wonder Woman but she's different and Superman but he's different. Just like every other comic book story that wants to say something about something but wasn't given the green light to work with DC's best characters. So how do you get people interested in your "basically another X-men" comic book idea?! Make it star the Justice League even though they're not really the Justice League!

In essence, this story is about a world where people are frightened of people who seem to be the next step in evolution because they'll obviously be useless in such a world. And the only way to stop this horrible imbalance and defiling of God's Ways is for a reporter to write a really scathing article about it!

It might also be about other things but I'm too drunk and the comic wasn't interesting enough for me to really give many shits about it.

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