Monday, February 29, 2016

Superman #49

I'm sort of hoping the K-chemo kills Superman this issue.

Rating: No change.

Superman kills Metallo in this issue. Just rips out his heart and kills him. Takes one life to save the lives of many. I hope every issue of Batman Loves Superman will now be twenty pages of Batman muttering "murderer" under his breath. Because Batman would have found another way! He wouldn't have let sentimentality turn him into a murderer the way Superman just did in this issue!

I'm mostly joking about the whole Superman killed a guy thing although it's true. Even in this kind of situation, Batman is so stuck on his claim that he's not a killer that he would have waited for Metallo to die of natural causes before taking his kryptonite heart. And by then, Vandal would have enslaved the entire planet. But at least Batman could continue to claim he'd never killed anybody. Technically, that is! Because I'm fairly certain sitting around waiting for somebody to die without doing anything to try to save their lives isn't really any better than murder.

This issue would have been better if Metallo's cock were made out of kryptonite.

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