Friday, February 19, 2016

Poison Ivy: The Cycle of Life and Death #2

This is how I get out of tickets. The Poison Ivy costume has totally paid for itself.

Rating: -1 Ranking.

There's a moment in this comic book where Poison Ivy mentions that Pitbulls are misunderstood and she hates abusers and then she kills the owner of the dogs that got out and barked loudly at her and her coworker. This might be an example of why vigilantism isn't as great as Batman claims it is. Poison Ivy assumes the dogs have been badly treated because they got out of the yard and barked at some strangers. You know, the way dogs do. Then she goes to the supposed owner's house where some dog dishes and a chain are lying in the yard. The chain may have been used on the dogs but, at this point, totally an assumption. The barrel that the chain is coming out of could be the dog's house but, again, that's an assumption. And even if it is, maybe the dog loves barrels? Maybe it's got a nice carpet and squeak toy inside?

Anyway, Poison Ivy asks the man who answers the door if the dogs are his. He says, "Those stupid mutts? What have they done now?" So she kills him. Really? I've called the cat I loved most in the world worse names than "stupid mutts" when talking about him to strangers! Affectionately! And the "What have they done now?" could be because he totally doesn't want to miss out on another cute thing they did running around the neighborhood. I mean, at most, he's guilty of being negligent about getting his chain link fence fixed. Also he's guilty of having a chain link fence.

I'd like to defend this poor, probably innocent man because who else will? Certainly not the Poison Ivy fans who were cheering when she murdered somebody based on a whole string of assumptions she made. She could have at least asked some blades of grass if the dogs were being abused! She did no detective work at all! Hell, the dogs themselves prove she was wrong based on their behavior! They ran out growling and barking and then calmed down almost immediately when leashed by a vine and called a good doggie. That doesn't seem like the kind of reaction one would get from an abused Pitbull! And don't give me that bullshit about the dog finally being treated nicely so it acted nicely. That dog would have ripped her face off if it wanted to. Just like all dogs secretly want to because they're all assholes.

But as long as Amy Chu got her message out about how Pitbulls are misunderstood! As if that message isn't constantly being repeated ad nauseum on Facebook every single day!

My cat Smaug once beat up a Chihuahua and he was totally and completely loved. Some animals are just dicks and bullies and maybe racist. I think Smaug may have been a little bit racist.

I have to admit that I was proud of him though when I heard he beat up some lady's dog.

The other parts of this comic book were parts. I may have liked them better if I wasn't soured on the Pitbulls aren't bad message knocked upside my head. Although the part where the flowers gave birth was disgusting because I was really beginning to get aroused by the budding flower and then BLORT! Babies! Ew! They're worse than dogs!

Now I wish Smaug had beaten up a toddler!

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