Thursday, February 18, 2016

Doctor Fate #9

Is this story going to be about police brutality? About the animosity the public feels for overly authoritarian police? A good cop facing hard decisions? Please just be about something! ANYTHING!

Rating: No change.

This comic book would do well to drop Khalid's Narration Boxes altogether. The main problem with the comic book is that Khalid is constantly hesitating or second guessing his situation which slows the plot to a crawl as Khalid does nothing. The Narration Boxes are simply enabling that horrendous aspect of his character! Although I can't say the comic book would be any better with panel after panel of silence as Khalid just stares at the problems in front of him and does nothing to help.

Okay, sometimes he does something to help! But it's just boring magic where he points and makes some mystic yellow waves and shit gets better. Writing magic characters is easy!

At one point he says--and I'm paraphrasing--"Positive statement...not!" Oh how not at all clever that is! Not! No wait. No not!

Doctor Fate spends most of his time flying around looking for the neighbor who wants to fuck him but he refuses to fuck. It's pretty exciting how he wonders how his powers work and then finds out how his powers work and then uses his powers to do the thing he wanted them to do. I learned a lot about the writing process and how apparently you don't really need to tell an interesting story to get a job working at DC Comics.

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