Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Suicide Squad #17

Tim Seeley is writing? Does that mean an end to mediocre bullshit? Or am I about to start criticizing a writer I actually like?!

Rating: +1 Ranking.

Now, I wouldn't mind rating it higher but I'm taking a let's wait and see attitude. Overall, I liked the framing story much better than any of the previous framing stories for the Squad. Amanda explains it and sets up what to expect and she does it in a way in which her character would be expected to explain it. This might be some of her best characterization so far. Lawton explicitly has a death wish. Harley's a bit nuts but in a servicable way. Diablo I don't really fucking care about but I think he'll add a nice layer to the team. And Cheetah...well, whatever. She's sexy!

But...spoiler!...that lineup doesn't matter. Because they've all been killed by a mysterious super person! No, seriously! They're all dead. It was right there in the comic book on Waller's computer that monitors their vital signs! It was a flat red line and everything! So I guess Seeley needs to put together a new team and I hope it'll have New Wave working with Captain Boomerang because I can't get enough of women beating the shit out of Digger.

This might be only the second time I'm recommending picking up this comic book. I think it's finally going to start heading in the right direction. Although do I really need to recommend people pick this up when everybody is suddenly a fan of the Suicide Squad because it's going to be a movie? Where were they when Ostrander was writing this book and I was rereading it constantly because it was so fucking good?! Oh, that's right. Most of them probably weren't even born yet. Never mind!

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