Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Sheriff of Babylon #3

"Each scene is more unexpected than the last!" Is that praise? If that's what makes a great story, I can write the next Great American Novel! I can write a story where every new scene is completely unexpected!

Did you know this comic book captures the volatility and cynical realpolitik of post-invasion Baghdad? It totally does! It also evokes the aesthetic and pop-philosophy of the neo-post-racial movement of the post-post-Cold War Era zeitgeist! And if you think it doesn't then you're not being intellectually honest with yourself! Also you're probably dumb! But I'm not because I used the phrase "cynical realpolitik"! I mean, I stole the phrase from the wanna-be smarty pants who works at The Guardian who is probably super bummed that their name wasn't included on such a super smart blurb!

I wish I could describe this comic book in words that would make NPR types nod their heads while making contemplative sour faces! But I can't! I also can't read poetry to throngs of middle-aged white people in any kind of serious voice as if I'm handing down the meaning of life with nuggets of racial guilt!

What I can say is this story is about people caught up in a whole lot of bullshit that they most likely never wanted to be caught up in at all! But then governments don't make war with any thought about what individuals are going to have to deal with in the cynical realpolitik of the post-invasion!

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