Friday, February 12, 2016

The Flash #48

Why do adults get so proud over coloring shit?!

Rating: -1 Ranking.

The Flash faces a new mysterious enemy although it's obviously Ron Howard with Heatwave in a fish tank. I guess Heat Wave survived his own death in Rogues Rebellion. Didn't he die in that? Who can fucking remember. This is why DC doesn't need to care about canon and continuity! Only the most nitpicky and obsessed nerds remember everything and it's impossible to please them no matter how great your editors think they are (I'm looking at you, Brian Cunningham!).

So now even the most goody-two-shoes of all of the heroes is being hunted by the law because fuck you. Or drama. Maybe it's some kind of drama or something. It's mostly childish and stupid. I guess the mayor of Central City is corrupt because he trusts Captain Cold for being in the Justice League but fuck The Flash!

Is this how you make a superhero popular? You just make authority hate him? Then everybody assumes he's a rebellious anti-hero even if he's as nerdy and pure as Barry Allen? I hate the direction this comic book has been going in for well over a year. It is awful. At least it isn't also hurting my eyeballs because Brett Booth is gone. Small victories!

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