Thursday, February 18, 2016

Superman: American Alien #4

This is the most literal cover I've ever seen.

Rating: No change.

This issue was called "Owl." Because the Owl is the opposite of the Bat. I think. I never thought of it that way but I've now been programmed to think that because of New 52 Batman. Owls are also good at getting exclusive stories for their internships.

Clark interviews Oliver Queen, Lex Luthor, Dick Grayson, and Bruce Wayne. Or sort of Bruce Wayne. Lois actually interviews Bruce Wayne but Clark interviews Batman which is totally a more accurate representation of the man. Everybody (including Lois and his mom!) give Clark a little piece of the man he will soon become. I think he learns a lot in this issue because I was flipping the pages thinking, "Why isn't anybody getting punched?! What kind of Superman comic book is this?!"

Now pretend I spent five pages discussing the stuff Clark learned and how it helped to form the man we will one day know and love to hate. Make sure you imagine it's super insightful because that's the kind of stuff I would come up with if I wanted to bother coming up with it. But why should I? Use your own stupid brain!

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