Saturday, February 27, 2016

Justice League 3001 #9

This cover is for a story that was never told.

Rating: No change.

I don't have something to say about everything. Sometimes things happen in front of me and I don't even think wickedly funny smartass things at all! Sometimes I just keep going about my business singing the Spider-man cartoon theme in my head and avoiding all eye contact. What I'm trying to prepare you for is this: I have nothing to say about this comic book.

At least nothing interesting or complimentary! Ha ha! That was a twist! What I have to say is that I'm underwhelmed by this comic book. I like Batgirl but everybody else are just chocolate frosting spattered water color imitations of the characters they used to be. I would make more sense if I had something interesting to say!

Next issue, Keith and J.M. are bringing back Larfleeze because I guess there were some Larfleeze jokes that they didn't get to repeat ten whole times.

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