Sunday, February 21, 2016

Secret Six #11

Did you know the gargoyles in the Gargoyle cartoon show were really grotesques? You could tell because they weren't drooling and vomiting in every other scene.

Rating: No change.

Batgirl visits the Secret Six world which is the suburbs of Burnside or something. She's trying to get a warning to Strix because Lady Shiva is hunting Strix. Imagine how much easier it would be to send Strix a message if the Birds of Prey had actually purchased her an iPad instead of just giving her that shitty pad of paper and the hardened raccoon poop to scratch out messages. If they'd actually wanted to communicate with her, they would have spent a few extra bucks setting her up with a Waynetech Communication Tablet or a qPad or a Kord Industries Scarab Tablet. I'm pretty sure you can receive email on all of those devices! You know on what item you can't receive an email warning you of a dangerous assasin hunting you? A ninety-nine cent pad of paper! The Birds of Prey were jerks.

Strix is busy getting a makeover because it's time she learned that she should accept who she is. But she has to learn that from a puppet because nobody can accept who they are until somebody else tells them it's okay to accept who they are. That's just logic.

Ralph also receives a message from Sue because she's finally remembered how much she loves his elastic dick and hates listening to stupid fucking riddles.

A fun time is had by all and Batgirl may have achieved her very first partner-induced orgasm while rolling around on the grass with Catman. I'd say it's a high probability that that happened so I'm going to pencil it in as fact in the Batgirl Entry in my copy of Who's Who.

First Non-Masturbatory Orgasm: Catman in Secret Six #11 (while a goat with a fly's head watched)

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