Monday, February 22, 2016

Martian Manhunter #9

Why can't he be the Mecha Martianhunter? Or just the Martian Martianhunter? Why does he have to be any kind of hunter at all?

Rating: No change.

While reading the first few pages of this story, I began thinking, "How are they going to finish this rambling tale that went off the tracks a few issues ago if the comic book is about John Constantine throwing up in a toilet? Then the action returned to Mars where Ma'alefa'ak's mech was quickly taken over by J'onn and he began to rally his different aspects. I began thinking, "Oh! Hey! Maybe this story can wrap up this issue so I can stop being bored and get back to enjoying it!" But then I remembered that the Constantine part happened where Rob Williams actually wrote the Constantine's magic level was "Joe Strummer." What the fuck is that supposed to mean? His magic level is aging, past its prime, and only popular with aging punks and the kind of people who love to talk about music but nobody ever wants to talk music with them because they're insufferable bastards?

Um, so anyway, the story will continue in the next issue where J'onn will finally learn the reason for his existence and why he's a weapon and how he's meant to save Mars but will eventually betray it for thirty Oreos.

As a final note, I think Rob Williams doesn't know how telescopes work. He's used them in two different scenes that have become the two most unrealistic scenes in a comic book about an alien using blood magic to bring an ancient Mars full of sentient Martians into the present to merge with the Earth.

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