Saturday, February 13, 2016

Starfire #9

Neal Adams helps us remember that old comic books were fucking crazy.

Rating: No change.

I could discuss Starfire or I could discuss how, at some point in the past (I think it was the day that Barack Obama was first elected), Republicans decided that the best way to do their job was to refuse to do their job. One of those topics makes me want to masturbate and the other one of those topics makes me want to engage in angry sodomy. Sodomy is such a good word. It's like somebody was all, "Hey, let's fuck!" And the other person was all, "You're not being clear enough. Which hole are we talking about?" And the other person was all, "Oh, you know, whatever you got that isn't the hole god intended to have a penis stuck in." And the other person was all, "So should we call that something else?" And the other person said, "Sure! How about sodomy as in 'so, do my other holes make you horny?'" And then the other person said, "Hey! Let's engage in sodomy!" And the other person was all, "You're not being clear enough. Which hole are we talking about?"

It's possible with all this attitude of refusing to do their jobs, Republicans are just admitting that they need managers. Can we put in a fourth branch of government: Middle Managers? Let's start voting in managers to keep the Republicans doing their job or else they can be fired by the person we voted to keep them on task. I vote for a bunch of nineteen year old fast food managers who just recently began to feel the sweet tang of power!

I wonder why god killed Antonin Scalia anyway? That god sure works in mysterious ways! You'd think god would have kept him alive forever since he was doing so much of god's work in the Supreme Court! You'd think with the power to punish all of the gays with so many natural disasters, god could at least keep Antonin Scalia alive for another twenty years to keep his awful agenda thriving in the Supreme Court! Maybe god isn't as powerful as all those closeted, self-hating gay men want me to believe!

Sorry for not talking about Starfire. But I masturbated four pages in because all the women had such perky tits and then I lost interest in it completely.

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