Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Aquaman #48

I think I said something about being developmentally arrested last commentary?

Rating: Minus all of the numbers.

Sorry, Dan Abnett! You're going to have a tough time crawling out of the hole Cullen Bunn dug for this book! This was the worst ending to a multi-part story that I've ever read in all of my time reading stories! And I didn't even like this story! It could have ended almost any other way and I would have yawned less! Just a little bit less, of course. Even before Cullen Bunn ruined Aquaman, I didn't care about him.

If there's one uplifting thing to take away from this Aquaman story line, it's this: follow your dreams, kids! Anybody can do anything if they only suck the right number of dicks along the way! Because if a writer this awful can get multiple writing gigs at the mainstream comic book companies even though he obviously doesn't give a shit about the characters, then you can do whatever stupid and awful thing you want to do too! Want to become a lawyer but you don't give a shit about the legal system or helping the wrongly accused or maybe prosecuting monsters? You just want to be introduced to people as a lawyer? Go for it! Take heart in the knowledge that Cullen Bunn has been able to write comic books for a living and he's terrible at it!

I'm such an optimist!

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