Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bitch Planet #7

Why was this President Bitch Part One?! Where was President Bitch?! I think I spent too much time on the shower scene! You know, absorbing its feminism! Don't believe that I spent all that time on the "exiting stasis" scene! That's a dirty filthy lie! It takes way bigger dicks than that to get me to pretend I'm not heterosexual!

I don't remember who Whitney was because I'm old and can't remember books from month to month. Especially when the last time I read an issue of this book's main story was back in December. I sort of think I've got it figured out based on context. At least I remembered who Shithead was! That guy is hilarious! He's all, "Look at me! I'm peeping on naked women! Oh no! The naked women are kicking my ass! Eeep! Now I'm being forced to work with them and spy on all the men! Ack! I'm Non-Compliant!"

All the words in the back of the magazine probably make some really interesting points but there weren't enough naked lady pictures to space out the words so I totally didn't read any of it. Although I probably should because that letter from that guy claiming he was totally into equality and then shat all over feminists and expected to be congratulated was comedy gold! I wonder if he meant to send that to Penthouse Forums?

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