Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teen Titans #16

This is how my heart feels when I read this comic book.

Rating: -1 Ranking.

How many shit emojis can the internet hold because that's my theoretical review of this issue. I love when a creative team takes a month to tell a "story" simply to get rid of a few team members.

For some reason, DC Comics doesn't like their heroes to be heroic. At this point, I'm totally on the side of the DC You populace who hate super heroes. Because every super villain just seems to be attacking the heroes so if the heroes weren't around, maybe the super villains would calm the fuck down and retire to their own private island purchased with the billions they all seem to have judging by the weapons and vehicles they can afford to build and the amount of henchmen they can hire. And when it isn't super villains spending all of their time creating plans to defeat the heroes, it's the police or government agencies going after them.

I hope some day DC Comics decides to invest in writers instead of relying on developmentally arrested adults. That's fine for us readers to be that way! But I'd like some actual writers who know how to put a plot together that doesn't rely on characters spouting the same thing over and over to justify the horrible shit they're doing. No matter how often Red Robin yells "We're the Titans and we stick together!" or claims that they help young kids in trouble, it's hard to believe him when they're constantly doing none of that stuff.

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