Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Supergirl #6

The shadow looks like Peraxxus!

The cover of this issue shows where Supergirl was left last issue. Reign, a world killer created by the Kryptonians (and probably by Supergirl's father specifically), left Supergirl pinned to the wall and headed to Earth to kill it. Now somebody "awaits Supergirl at DEATH'S DOOR?!"

Reign gets to Earth super fast. So maybe Kara's Dildo Hyperspace Tunnel was left open after she came through it. Reign lands in the middle of a park and meets the natives.

I would have guessed this other girl was in the ceremonial garb:

Fun Fact: Female Lantern ceremonial dress consists of less fabric than your average handkerchief.

Supergirl cannot remove the sword pinning her cape to the wall. And I guess that Graduation Capes can't be removed or else she'd be free in the amount of time it takes to unsnap the fastener. But she hallucinates her mother and father (or does she?!) and it gives her the strength to pull out the sword (but not the intelligence to remove her cape). But she's out of power so she'll never be able to get back to Earth now!

It's so Wizard of Oz!

Does this revelation mean that Supergirl doesn't need a yellow sun to give her super powers? She just thinks happy thoughts and keeps love in her heart and she can do whatever she wants? That's pretty handy! And probably totally incorrect. Maybe the light of a Blue Sun only gives a Kryptonian Super Powers if they love their mother and their father.

Supergirl also manages to get back to Earth nearly instantaneously. And she resorts to the same tactic she's used in every other issue she's been in (including Superboy): sucker punch anybody who speaks to you!

Fun Fact: The old Double Fisted Punch was invented by a friend of mine in high school when he picked on a kid playing video games and then the kid's brother came back to beat him up. He didn't use the patented move. He thought it up after running quickly away.

After Kara and Worldkillerry spar a bit with Worldkiller going on and on and on about her and Kara's similarities, Kara gets to meet Worldkiller's friends, the other Worldkillers! And she doesn't just meet them in a normal comic book panel! No way! This meeting is epic and exciting and called for a two page Poster! OMG!

I'm hanging this fucker on my wall! Using tape!

And that's it. Once again, another underwhelming Supergirl comic. These issues have no meat on them! They're just such quick reads! I feel embarrassed that I finish so quickly with Supergirl.

Supergirl Issue #6 Rating: No change. Technically, there's nothing wrong with this comic. I'm still convinced there's a story here somewhere but it's moving too slow for the human mind to recognize it. Although now that I'm really thinking about it, it didn't make much sense. She still had her powers somehow after losing them? Her parents spoke with her as ghosts (but probably just hallucinations. Or images from the Super Dildo?)? And I didn't really like the big Worldkiller Gang reveal at the end. Every writer in the New 52 is so concerned about creating their own nemeses that the DC Universe is suddenly overflowing with bad guys. At least the Suicide Squad isn't going to run out of members any time soon.

I wish this had been the two-page poster!

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