Saturday, May 5, 2012

Batman #7

This already happened!

Batman nearly drowns and is only saved from the brink of death by a young woman named Harper that I don't recognize.

Scott from Polite Dissent says you should never shock a flatline!

Batman storms out of Harper's van telling her that he meant it when he told her to leave him alone. So she's a Bat-Groupie from the Old DCU is my guess.

While Batman is making his way back to his Batlair to be healed by Alfred's super awesome tea, The Court of Owls is busy resurrecting Talons. If they resurrect more than one at at time, how is Batman supposed to defeat them all? Is this why the Night of the Owls is about to happen? Lots and lots of Talons who must be beat back by all of the Bat-Heroes?

Alfred's work is never, never, never, never ever done.

Back at the Batcave, Bruce, as usual, doesn't want Alfred to tend to him while other work is to be done. So even though Bruce is probably starving and half-drugged and exhausted and dehydrated and bruised and beaten and bleeding internally, he still wants to examine the corpse of the Talon first.
While Batman examines the corpse, Nightwing enters the Batcave and we see the scene from the end of Nightwing #7. But this one has a lot more added dialogue so I'm not going to demand my 15 cents back for each repeated page! Batman explains how the corpses were reanimated.

Here's a little story about Electrum.

What's great about Nightwing #7 that I didn't bitch about although I've bitched about it every other time was that Batman punched Nightwing and I didn't realize why. It bothered me that, once again, a hero was beating on another hero. After Batman punched Nightwing, he showed him a tooth with an owl on it and I didn't realize the tooth had come from Nightwing. I thought Batman was just exhausted and tired and it was his version of slapping some sense into Dick when Dick was becoming hysterical. It was much clearer in this comic that he was punching the Electrum Tooth out of Dick. And anyway, of course Bruce had a perfectly logical reason for socking the fuck out of his first Robin.

I just figured anyone not reading this comic would like to see Nightwing being smacked around by Batman's pimp hand.

And then before Batman can have his proper tea and time to heal, the Night of Owls begins!

What building are they coming out of? It's covered in Owls! Don't you think Batman would have checked it out?

Batman Issue #7 Rating: +1 Rating! If only! No, no, it can't actually move up. But this issue is one of the reasons why Action Comics can't take the #1 spot until this comic stops being so fucking awesome. Just the scene with Bruce and Dick and their dialogue makes for a great read. That's how a comic is built! Not with Narration Boxes saying wanna be profound shit! But real characters talking and building a history and a relationship and acting consistent for their character!

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