Friday, May 4, 2012

Wonder Woman #6

Wonder Woman is going to smell like sulfurous dog breath.

Last issue, Wonder Woman and Lennox were stirring up a bit of trouble between Hera and Poseidon and Hades. I'm not entirely sure what they're up to but I think Wonder Woman is just trying to distract Hera so that Hera doesn't cause Wonder Woman and Zola and problems for awhile.

While Wonder Woman is busy getting Poseidon's sea goat, the centaurs have somehow made their way from America's midwest to London, England! Can half-horse people fly first class?

Don't worry. Wonder Woman kills one of the centaurs and flees with Zola to the back of Poseidon. The centaurs weren't in the plan but after the plan is completed, the centaurs may have a bit of trouble finding Zola. The whole point of the plan was to accomplish this:

That's Hera's scrying pool on Olympus.

Lennox plan was to make it look like Wonder Woman and Lennox were brokering a deal between Poseidon and Hades to share rule over Heaven and to share Hera as their Queen. Lennox knew Hera would be watching everything they were doing in her pool. So when Poseidon and Hades were about to form a partnership against Hera, she materialized to scream at them.

Someone has anger issues.

But the whole plan was just a bit of legerdemain to distract these three Gods so that Wonder Woman could destroy Hera's Scrying Pool. Lennox grabs one of Hades candles (because Lennox was promised a light for brokering the deal) and tosses it to Wonder Woman. Hermes tosses his staff to Wonder Woman and sends her to Olympus to throw the candle in the pool. The only part I'm not clear on is why the candle disables the pool. Maybe it clouds it with its smoke.

That's the ghost of Zola's mother in the background.

Poseidon takes it all in stride and is bemused by the entire episode. He leaves telling Wonder Woman she'll fit right in with the family. Hades storms off upset. He isn't happy that he gave up the light but Lennox and Wonder Woman didn't live up to their end of the bargain. Hades wants his piece of Heaven and he sends Zola's mother's soul to take Zola hostage until Wonder Woman makes good on her end of the deal.

Wonder Woman has really become wrapped up in her family squabbles now.

Wonder Woman Issue #6 Rating: No change. This issue was a tad bit confusing and I'm not exactly sure why the Candle fucked up the Pool. Also, Tony Akins is still the artist. That's not really a negative except that Cliff Chiang isn't the artist if Tony is! But Cliff will be back next issue and that makes me happy!

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