Monday, May 28, 2012

Aquaman #8

P.O.W. is the worst super hero ever. Aside from D.O.A.

Six years ago, before Aquaman was tricked into joining the Justice League, his father was killed.

He's going to regret breaking that in the morning!

Outside the lighthouse, dozens of television news crews wait to speak with the boy from Atlantis. Dr. Shin is also outside trying to get close enough to speak with Arthur. Dr. Shin has a bandaged wound on his neck. But neither Shin nor the reporters get a chance to speak with Arthur. Arthur dives off the lighthouse rock and disappears into the ocean. It seems Dr. Shin is to blame for something, perhaps causing the media frenzy or, seeing he's wounded, he was responsible somehow for Aquaman's father's death. My guess is it had something to do with Black Manta! Or, you know, something else entirely.

Whew! That was a long one!

One year later, Arthur returned to the surface. And he became involved with The Others. Since it's now five years later, he also got involved with the Justice League. But that probably came later after The Others fell apart for some reason. Probably because Aquaman started acting like a big shot because he was hanging out with Superman and Batman. Arthur was in The Other meetings and his phone would beep, so he'd check the text. And it would be Superman texting: guess what bman just did??!? And Arthur would chuckle and respond while ignoring The Operative's mission directives. But if he was in a meeting with the Justice League, Vostok-X would message: bro? guess what Kahina sees you doing tomorrow at 4? But Aquaman would just ignore that text until he was out of the meeting. Mostly because Batman would confiscate everybody's phones before the meeting would start.

Returning to the present, Aquaman is trying to explain The Others to Mera.

I'd connect all over that.

The Others were brought together to keep the Relics of Atlantis safe. Dr. Shin knew about them and their plan and now Ya'wara believes that Shin is helping Black Manta to hunt The Others down and kill them. Those are a lot of assumptions to make after just a single one of The Others was killed. I guess since he took the artifact from Kahina, he sort of revealed his hand. One probably doesn't do much by itself.

Aquaman and Ya'wara (and her jaguar) teleport to South America to examine Kahina the Seer's body. He leaves Mera to protect Shin. Uh oh. Here comes an old joke. Vomiting forth. Can't control it. BUT WHO'S GOING TO PROTECT SHIN FROM MERA!? Oh ho ho! Um, actually, I just wrote that joke! First time it's ever seen the light of day! I figure half of the readers on Tumblr are young enough to never have heard it! So once Mera is alone with Dr. Shin, she distracts him from doing his important Atlantis research.

Mera plays the part of the comic book reader. I want to know what she wants to know! And I'm holding up my comic book to my life-size cut-out of Geoff Johns with the glory hole cut in his crotch the same way that she's holding up her comic to Dr. Shin!

Back to six years ago, Aquaman and The Others (sounds like a do-wop group) are hunting Black Manta in Siberia. He causes an explosion that doesn't do anything to the group. But Kahina the Seer sees that a village on the other side of the mountain will be covered in the avalanche and many people will be killed. Aquaman wants to remain on the trail of Black Manta. But The Others turn around to save the innocents. P.O.W. shows off some of his P.O.W.ers.

On second thought, I decided to scan these panels instead of the panels where he clicks his manacles together to form a shield to save everyone in the village except one little girl. I wonder if each dog tag from his fallen comrades grants a special power? But what I'm wondering most is, Ooh la la, Ya'wara!

The one little girl that is too far away to be saved by P.O.W. is saved by Aquaman in two of my favorite panels since the panel in Frankenstein where the townsfolk are casually tossing toddlers into the lake of monsters.

"Okay, we saved your innocents. Can we get back to hunting fucking Black Manta now?"

Aquaman is upset that The Others weren't willing to sacrifice the villagers for the greater good.

This comic earned a +1 Ranking quite a few pages ago. Now it's fighting hard for a +2 to put it on top of Wonder Woman. Mmmm, on top of Wonder Woman.

Aquaman and Ya'wara find Kahina. Black Manta took the Seal of Clarity (whatever that does) and has headed, unbeknownst to them, to Germany where Prisoner-of-War is in a U.S. Army Health Center. Black Manta also left a troop of men wielding machine guns to ambush anybody approaching Kahina's body. Since the comic book ends here, my bet is that it will begin next issue with the guys with guns already having been knocked unconscious by Aquaman. Comics love skipping the big fight scene in-between months.

Aquaman #8 Rating: +2 Ranking. Yes, yes. I rarely give out more than a +1 (unless it's a big +3 to a Blackhawks issue that I rewrote!) but this issue is more than deserving. The art is back to its well above industry standard quality. And the back story of the others, even though a lot of things are still missing (why are they hunting Black Manta? Revenge for killing Aquaman's father, I suppose?), the short scene shown by Johns tells a lot about several individual members. Terrific issue.

Although the cover was silly. Maybe it represented them trying to keep him from chasing crazily after Black Manta.

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  1. Real question, how are the Others surviving in Siberia in the bloody winter with no cold weather gear? Aquaman I can buy but Ya'wara is in a bikini. Sheesh