Friday, May 11, 2012

Catwoman #8

Catwoman and Spark are going to fight a Mind Flayer? Or a Mummy?

Catwoman and Spark have teamed up and have been going on a robbery spree. I don't know if Catwoman ditched Gwen to go on a crime binge with her new boy toy or if she's just doing these extra jobs on the side. I suppose if she's doing extra jobs that Gwen isn't a part of or doesn't approve of, then Selina has, in essence, ditched Gwen. Catwoman has fallen off the wagon. I think.

Whatever she's up to, her fifth job with Spark goes a little bit off the rails.

Several other panels I could have scanned had Catwoman in a bikini!

Catwoman and Spark get away with four Magic Daggers. The Daggers are supposed to be in a set of five and aren't valuable to anybody without the fifth dagger. Catwoman thinks she knows who has it.

Okay, so it turns out Gwen and Selina are still working together. Also, ANTARCTIC BIRD, you dumb cat loving cunt! My penguin told me to reprimand you that harshly. Thanks, Schnabel.

Gwen approves of Selina robbing Penguin for the fifth dagger. Spark is the only thing Gwen is really concerned with. She doesn't trust another thief and tells Selina she doesn't need a partner. But when has Catwoman ever listened to anyone? She's a cat! Don't tell her what to do! She'll just lick her crotch and pretend she isn't listening. And then she'll casually stretch and slowly saunter out of the room. Also, she'll continue to work with Spark no matter what Gwen advises.

While Catwoman and Spark are scouting out a dining establishment where Penguin will be dining the next night, they witness a hooker being drugged and dragged into a van. Last issue, two hookers were kidnapped by this same mystery person but I didn't mention it. The pervert was really into the hooker with red hair so maybe he's making himself a Batgirl Fuck Corpse. This is a teen plus rated comic! That's a possibility, right?! Catwoman has a thing for helping female victims, so she pounces.

I would have gone with, "Not like the PROS TO TOOT their own horns but I'm a cat that doesn't use the litter box. I FUCK UP JOHNS, BITCH!" Okay, that was really bad but at least it had something to do with the action. Why the fuck is Catwoman bringing up take out food?

The guy pulls two guns and fires them both simultaneously at Catwoman. She dodges all of the bullets but not because she's faster than bullets. The pervert probably misses all of his shots because he's firing two fucking guns at once! I bet he could have killed her if he just drew one gun and aimed for half a second! Spark joins in the battle and the hooded pervert tosses a grenade in the van with the hooker. He gets away while Spark saves the prostitute and he and Catwoman take cover as the van blows up.

Looks like the mystery pervert has been busy.

Selina wants to help the prostitutes but they currently have the penguin job lined up. So she files it away for something to look into in the future. As for now, she has to concentrate on robbing The Penguin next issue. But it looks like some other people are going after Cobblepot as well!

I was wondering who was going to care enough to save Cobblepot from the Talons. I guess he got lucky this time and Catwoman will be there since I didn't see him being a priority to anyone in the Bat Family.

Catwoman Issue #8 Rating: +1 Ranking. The comic continues to bring the fun. And each issue isn't filled with a sense of overwhelming odds needing to be overcome! I like that Judd Winick doesn't feel the need to ratchet up the tension at every turn.

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