Sunday, May 13, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6

Flashback episode?
I suppose the burning question Scott Lobdell has been getting at all the conventions has been, "Why are you such a crap writer?" And then the second most asked question was probably, "Why does DC let you write so many shit titles?" And then a few people probably ask him, "Are you ever going to explain how Red Hood and Starfire got together!?!" Well, people in the minority, your question will now be answered!

This issue begins one month before Issue #1 takes place. I can hardly fucking wait.

It's always a bad sign when a comic reminds me of Grifter.

Jason Todd has found himself aboard a submarine smuggling nuclear weapons into Miami. Because that's the first place I think of when I think black market for nuclear weapons. Jason Todd kills everyone on board and then escapes through a hole in the side of the submarine and then it explodes as he swims away.

So I guess he's dead from the shock-wave of the many nuclear weapons exploding aboard the sub.

Oh, no! He's not dead again. He wakes up on a deserted island being cared for by Starfire with some of her alien medical gadgets. So he might have died and her alien gadgets may have been powerful enough to bring him back to life. That's actually what I'm going to believe. Or maybe his resurrected zombie body can withstand shock-waves better than a normal person.

Starfire lives on her crashed Tamaranean Ship on this island in the ocean. Jason Todd has some questions.

He's gotten so much strength back that he ejected the word "shipwreck" from his speech bubble!

While Jason recuperates, he and Starfire spend some time getting to know each other. She has a bunch of Nightwing's old suits that she offers for him to wear but he declines since he hates Nightwing. Starfire doesn't understand and he confuses her so much that she actually uses a contraction at several points. Perhaps I'm just used to the way Starfire speaks in the Teen Titans cartoon. This is the New 52! Starfire is allowed to say it's and I'm and can't and didn't.

The cum dumpster dispenses some words of wisdom.

Fairly soon after this, Jason Todd notices that Roy Harper has been captured and is going to be executed in Qurac. Good thing the Tamaranean Warship has a strong wi-fi receptor.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Issue #6 Rating: No change. This story may have revealed how Jason Todd and Starfire met. But now I'm curious as to why Starfire was out on that island. Was she in self-imposed exile because of the humans that were afraid she was a walking nuclear reactor? Or was she there because of events in the Pre-New 52 Universe? So how many issues before Red Hood and Nightwing come to blows over Starfire?

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