Sunday, October 16, 2016

Scooby Apocalypse #5

I wonder which one will be the first to die? I mean, we can't expect them all to survive the apocalypse, right?

The Review!
Scooby Apocalypse continues to make a mockery of the Scooby Doo cartoon. Not that the cartoon was such a phenomenal work of art that we should hold it to an untouchable standard. But at least the cartoon had a basic point in its weekly formulaic plot: science and logic will defeat the monsters. In this story, science has created the monsters. And what defeats them? Guns. Lots and lots of guns. In the cartoon, logic and patience were the heroes. In this comic, guns and violence and gut instinct are the heroes. I know which one I prefer! I mean, in theory! I would hate a video game where I have to be patient and use my head! No, wait. Actually I love video games like that. But I also love video games where you shoot little kids and laugh in their faces! I don't mean that's the plot of the game! I mean that's the fun of playing online multiplayer battles! Especially on Sunday morning! Holy shit, do adults teach kids what microphones are anymore? Can't somebody explain that you don't have to yell into a microphone so that somebody across the planet can hear you? They hear you just fine at your normal speaking volume, kid!

Here's how I predict this story will end. The Scooby Gang will find the scientists responsible for this mess. Each one will probably have turned into some kind of boss monster who must be killed. But they'll each have a piece of the puzzle so Velma can make the monster nanites inert. Upon doing so, everybody will revert back to normal. And once the Scooby Gang see that the monsters continue to be normal people, they'll all be overcome with guilt for having killed so many of them and hang themselves.

The Ranking!
No change! Here's a hint to get a positive rating, guys: more shots of Velma in her underwear! And make Scooby and Shaggy complete cowards! No more of this Scooby saving people's lives thing!

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